End of 9 Week Grading Period ~ Professional Development Day

Hello Families,

Hope everyone had a nice restful Fall Break this year. The school would like to remind students and parents that the end of the first nine weeks is this week. Progress reports will be sent home Friday. Also Monday October 15, there will be a Professional Development at the school and students will have the day to study and prepare to finish the next nine weeks strong.


Alpine Academy

Parking Lot Sealing ~ Alternate Routes

Happy Friday Families,

Please be aware, there will be construction taking place in the parking lot over the next several days. The landlord has issued the following letter:

Please be informed that Sierra Nevada Construction has been contracted to repair and slurry seal the parking lots of Sparks Business Center. The repairs are scheduled to begin on Sunday, September 16th, 2018 at 6:30 a.m.
Below is the schedule for repairs and slurry seal.

  • Sunday, September 16th – Crack Sealing will be done throughout the parking lot of all four buildings (605 Boxington Way, 755 Lillard Way, 1625 & 1675 E. Prater Way).

  • Tuesday, September 18th – Starting at 6:30 a.m., Asphalt Patching on five locations marked in blue as shown on the map attached. Traffic will be allowed as Sierra Nevada Construction will direct people to available parking areas. Detour signage will be placed by the entrance to direct traffic to enter the building through Lillard Drive.

  • Saturday, September 29th – Starting at 6:30 a.m., 1625, and 1675 E. Prater Way will be slurry sealed. Both buildings will be closed for the day while the product dries. All trucks, equipment, trailers, and dumpsters must be removed from the pavement surfaces on these two buildings for the slurry seal.  Items can be placed temporarily on the Lillard and Boxington lots. 

  • Sunday, September 30th – All four buildings will be striped.          

  • Map of Construction

Have a great Weekend!
Alpine Academy

Picture Day Monday ~ Parent Meeting Wednesday at 6:00

Greetings Parents,

Picture day is being held Monday morning at the school. It is a Free Dress day for students, please ensure you student's  dress modestly.  Also, there will be a Parent Organization Meeting Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m.. We are hopeful, more parents will come to the meeting to support their student's education.


Alpine Academy



~Labor Day Weekend~ End of first QTR of 1st Semester


Alpine Academy would like to wish families a safe Labor Day Weekend. The school would also like to remind Archers and families that the end of the four and a half week grading period is closing in. Students are encouraged to make certain their assignments and tests are being taken and diligently being completed, to ensure the highest level of achievement.

During morning announcements (the first part of 2nd period), Homework Clubs, times, and teachers who are available to help are announced . It is the student's duty to ensure the resources available are being accessed. Archers, please contact your teachers, if there are questions regarding assignments or test/quiz grades. Accountability is key to success.

Have a great weekend,

Alpine Academy

No School Monday, August 27~Professional Learning Community~ PLC

Archers and Families,

There will be no school on Monday, August 27. The staff at Alpine Academy will be at the school campus, in professional workshops designed to maximize student achievement. Parents and students are encouraged to use the day discussing upcoming educational goals and becoming acquainted with Infinite Campus. Enjoy the day off!


Archer Staff

Alpine Parent Organization (APO) Meeting

Hello Parents,

Last night was the first Alpine Parent Organization (APO) meeting. There are notes from the meeting on the Parent Tab. Please be sure to read the information on the notes to stay up to date. Also, we would love to see more families out. There will be information updated on the Blog, as well as on the Parent Tab, so please continually check in. If you have ideas, or suggestions about events, or meeting content, please attend. Next meeting September 12, 6:00. Please Attend!


Alpine Academy

Alpine Parent Organization First Meeting Wednesday August 15, 6:00 p.m.

Greetings Parents,

Alpine Academy Parent Organization will hold it's first meeting Wednesday, August 15 at 6:00 at the school. We would love to see as many parents at the meeting as possible.

We understand if parents are not always able to make the meeting, but still would like to participate. If so, please reach out to the school. There will be additional information on the Parents Tab of the website, as well as posts on the Blog, for future meeting times and information.


Alpine Administration

Welcome 2018-19 Archers! Donations, TMCC, etc..

Alpine Academy is excited to welcome all the incoming and returning students! There are some great additions this year, including Mrs. Williams the new Science teacher, and Mr. Conway, the new Resource teacher. The 2017-18 Leadership class raised enough funds to complete the construction portion of the new Computer Lab! Great Job!! There is also new carpet and skylights in  some class rooms.

The school would also like to thank the parents for their generous donations of: Disinfectant Wipes, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and Copy Paper. Every semester, the school requests these items be donated by parents, and appreciates the support.  Please bring all donated items to the front.

TMCC PSY101 Students who have not purchased a book, need to do so soon. Please scroll through the Blog for the specific details. We look forward to the best year yet, as Alpine Academy celebrates it's decade of student growth! See you all at 8:00 a.m. Monday!


Dress Code Policy Update

Salutations Archers,

There has been a minor adjustment to the dress code policy. The change requires students to not wear jeans, or jean shorts with tears, rips, or holes in them. Further, students who wear tights/leggings may not have any partially see through areas on the leggings (this includes designs and or mesh/ lace).

On a brighter note, there are now black uniform sweatshirts for sale. Please make sure to contact the office, as supplies are limited. Below is an excerpt from the student handbook regarding he update.

"Bottoms can be tights, jeans, shorts or skirts but must follow these guidelines:

  • No holes, rips, or tears in bottoms (Pants and Shorts)

  • Tights/Leggings with mesh that reveals skin partially or more are not allowed

  • Shorts/skirts must be no more than 4” above the center of the knees"

Please be sure to read the student handbook for the complete Dress Code.


Alpine Academy Administration