Dress Code Policy Update

Salutations Archers,

There has been a minor adjustment to the dress code policy. The change requires students to not wear jeans, or jean shorts with tears, rips, or holes in them. Further, students who wear tights/leggings may not have any partially see through areas on the leggings (this includes designs and or mesh/ lace).

On a brighter note, there are now black uniform sweatshirts for sale. Please make sure to contact the office, as supplies are limited. Below is an excerpt from the student handbook regarding he update.

"Bottoms can be tights, jeans, shorts or skirts but must follow these guidelines:

  • No holes, rips, or tears in bottoms (Pants and Shorts)

  • Tights/Leggings with mesh that reveals skin partially or more are not allowed

  • Shorts/skirts must be no more than 4” above the center of the knees"

Please be sure to read the student handbook for the complete Dress Code.


Alpine Academy Administration