Action Needed!

Greetings Families,

The former Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction’s position is being filled. Dr. Canavero was a great Superintendent who was also supportive of charter schools. We feel it is imperative the new superintendent also be in support of charter schools. Below is a list of Nevada Department of Education Board Members:

President Elaine Wynn,, Mark Newburn,, Felicia Ortiz,, Robert Blakely,, Tamara Hudson,, Tonia Holmes-Sutton,, Dawn Etchevery Miller,, Teri White,, Cathy McAdoo,, David Carter,

We are encouraging families to email as many of these board members as they are willing to. Additionally, we are requesting you email the Governor, and let him know, the positive impacts charter schools are making in the state of Nevada.

Follow this link to email the Governor:


Alpine Academy Administration