Lowes Heroes

Alpine Academy's success is dependent on a group effort to constantly attempt to improve results. This can be achieved when the community comes together to assist. Alpine Academy's partners in education make it possible for the school to focus on academics. The school would like to recognize the generous contributions made. Alpine Academy encourages  parents and community members to frequent these businesses.

Lowes Home Improvement Store - Lowes made a very generous donation of paint, carpet, and lenses for skylights to Alpine Academy. Additionally, 23 Lowes employees came over as volunteers to help make these donations a reality.  Alpine Academy would like to thank Lowe's and their employees. Additionally Beno's Flooring came into assist, and Alpine Academy would also like to thank them. Lowe's Heroes are Alpine Academy's Heroes. Alpine Academy would like to send a special shout out to team leaders: Jessica, John, Shawn, and Steve for their support.