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Reopening Plan and Documents

2021-2022 Year To Date Stats

Positive Cases - 21
Active Cases - 0
Recovered Cases - 21
Total Exclusions - 37


social distance


When 3 ft distance is practicable, Alpine Academy accommodates this. 


  • Doors open at 7:20 am to help minimize larger groups of students arriving. 

  • (DO NOT PHYSICALLY COME TO SCHOOL IF YOU ARE SHOWING SYMPTOMS. We understand you want to come to school – but this could impact the group. Please inform the school if your student has symptoms and we will inform you of the protocol.

  • All students will undergo a health screening (temperature check and symptom check)

Open Lunch: 

  • Maintain social distancing at lunch as much as possible. 

  • Travel in pairs or groups if off campus.

  • Lines and waiting at restaurants can be problematic. Plan ahead! Order online, go straight there and back, food will not be finished during class or kept for students (to help prevent spread of germs). Pack a lunch (bring an ice pack if needed).

Other Important Information:

  • Bring a water bottle.


  • Parents MUST pick up students immediately after school to prevent gathering. (School club, Archery and Homework Help available until 4:00 pm by appt). The school will be closed at 4:00 for cleaning. Students may exit the front entry or back entry to help prevent gathering of students. Please arrange with your student which exit you would prefer. Please be mindful of neighboring traffic.


archer standards of practice & products

  • Daily: Upon entry, students and staff will receive a temperature screening as well as symptom check prior to entry. If the temperature is above the threshold of 100.4 or is believed to have symptoms, students will be sent home with guardians and further guidance will come from the local health department (Per Nevada Department of Education current guidelines).

  • Daily: Discussion on hygiene and handwashing will occur throughout the day and students and staff will have access to handwashing stations AND sanitizer in each space throughout the school. Social distancing will be implemented where practicable (classroom and common area seating) and monitored during passing times. Facemasks will be worn by everyone while in the school.

  • Daily (2 or more times per day): High touch surfaces (door knobs, handles, switches, etc) will be disinfected. Disinfecting wipes will be available in all classrooms. Students wipe their desks at the end of every class.

  • Daily: Post meal times, surfaces will be sanitized. Each day, staff will disinfect their classrooms and common areas prior to leaving for the day.

  • Every 2 days: The school will undergo a deep clean via our cleaning company (Wednesdays and Fridays – PM)

  • Weekly: The entire facility will be fogged with disinfectant.

*All classrooms are equipped with high filtration air purifiers. 


information is key to all of our success

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that both students and guardians check email, texts, dialers, etc. Because our learning models can change minute to minute it seems (with possible Covid case exposure, changing directives from the State charter authority or Nevada Department of Education, or the Washoe Health District), we need to be connected to get the latest information.

Information and updates can be found several places:

  • homepage (homepage and Digital Learning)

  • Social Media (Instagram and Facebook)

  • Emails (sent to students and guardians)

  • Infinite Campus messaging (appears on the homescreen)

If you feel you are not receiving the messages via our Infinite Campus, please contact the school to check your information on file.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Infinite Campus Student Portal

Alpine Academy Student Email

Click the button below to email the School Office Manager to update information on file. 


digital learning for isolation/ quarantine

Students who are identified as needing to isolate/quarantine will be sent an email containing a link to the Covid Isolation Student Landing Page. This page will contain information on classes as well as zoom links.

It is the responsibility of the student (given that the student is well enough to complete work) to do so and meet our high expectations of student engagement.


  • Camera On

  • Mic On

  • Asking questions

  • Completing the work