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Alpine Academy is a charter high school built on academic achievement and connections to the community. We focus on rigor, relevance, and relationships in each class to best foster a positive and productive learning experience. 


Talented teachers facilitate rigorous learning in small-class settings. These teachers hold very high standards for our students. Lessons are relevant and personalized leading to authentic learning. Close relationships also develop via personal attention, a caring atmosphere, and supportive culture. Students at Alpine Academy receive this personalized education with many support services, guiding them towards further education and successful careers.


 All courses align to the State of Nevada’s common core standards. These standards define what students at Alpine Academy should know and be able to do in particular subject areas by the time they complete the twelfth grade. They allow parents and schools to hold students accountable for developing certain knowledge and skills. 


Finally, the development of character is as important to us as teaching rigorous academic skills. We recognize and promote these skills with a character program weekly. Alpine Academy is the best place for students to learn and excel in a uniquely personal setting.

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Holding a Book


1)    We believe each student fundamentally possesses the ability to meet and exceed rigorous educational and character goals.

2)    We believe in cultivating an intrinsic love of learning and critical thinking that prepares students to succeed in college and lead choice filled lives.   

3)    We believe in establishing a curriculum that supports individualized learning experiences, equitable opportunities for success, and expectations that all students achieve at high levels.

 4)    We believe in fostering an environment characterized by academic, intellectual, and physical safety through our culture of mutual respect, maturity, and positive relationships

amongst all stakeholders. 

  5)    We believe in guiding students to become discerning and service oriented leaders in a complex and competitive world.


"My child loves Alpine Academy, and I personally think it's the best kept high school secret in northern Nevada!

-It's small, so they have small class sizes & teachers & administrators who love their jobs and know and care about each student.

-They have several fun after-school clubs including the NASP archery program. 

-They offer dual enrollment at TMCC, so if your student is motivated, they can actually graduate from high school with anything from a few college credits up to a free associates degree. 

-It's a free charter school!

We love Alpine Academy and recommend it as often as we get the chance!"


— Laurel Woolstenhulme (Parent)

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