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NEW 2020-2021 School Year: During a student’s Freshman year, and once the student proves themselves with grades, participation, and behavior, a student is allowed to enroll in a college course offered by Truckee Meadows Community College on-site course semester 2.


During a student’s Sophomore year, and once the eligibility requirements have been met; a student is allowed to enroll in a college course offered by Truckee Meadows Community College. If the student passes the course, both semesters, they are eligible to attend a full schedule of courses at the college campus on their path to attain an Associate Degree.


Juniors create a schedule with Truckee Meadows Community College Academic Advisement that aligns with the required courses still needed to graduate high school and maintain regular communication with Alpine Academy’s College Liaison. There are additional requirements as outlined in the student Handbook.


Seniors will again work with Truckee Meadows Academic Advisement to create a schedule that also satisfies the requirements for a high school diploma, while completing the requirements  some or all of the requirements for an Associate Degree.

How to Enroll

Below are some great tutorials that will help you complete the Jump Start Steps to Enroll.

  • New students and families should watch our detailed Jump Start Steps to Enroll tutorial: 

  • Continuing students need to submit a permission to enroll form EVERY SEMESTER. For assistance, please see our Permission to Enroll form tutorial: 

    • Friendly reminder, Jump Start students do not enroll themselves. The Jump Start staff processes all enrollment for our students.

    • Ready to submit your form? Go to:

    • Please allow 3-5 business days to process a permission to enroll form. 

    • Check MyTMCC to make sure that you were successfully enrolled in your class. 


Please check your TMCC email on a regular basis.  TMCC can only respond  to your TMCC email (and not your email.)

For More Information

Sue-Ting Chene

Dual Credit Liaison/College and Career Ready Coach

Phone: 775-356-1166


TMCC's Jump Start Team 

Jump Start Program Website: 

Phone:  775-673-8236

FAX: 775-674-7939


Truckee Meadows Technical Certifications

Students who are interested in attaining a Technical Certification from Truckee Meadows may also do so. There are hundreds of Technical Certifications available. Students who are interested in taking dual college credits to become certified are encouraged to speak with administration. Because the certifications require students to complete courses at the college. Students have the same requirements to be eligible as students taking any dual credit courses.

Click the following link to learn what programs are available: TMCC Certificates and Degrees

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